An experimentation laboratory open to the industry

Movex—the ideal space for all the brands, designers, manufacturers, and artisans who want to innovate—has been created in Ubrique.
The reconceptualization of materials is necessary to be able to offer attractive products that can seduce the most demanding and elegant of consumers. The market’s leading companies rely on innovation as manufacturing life cycles are becoming shorter.

Behind the innovative offer important brands provide to the market, there is an entire R+D+i process that demands research on consumer tendencies, research on new materials, treatments, techniques, and finishes. There is also a whole process of prototyping that leads to new products that can catch consumers’ attention.

What we do?


- To promote the importance of R+D+i policies between SMEs.

- To reinforce basic research as a fundamental element to supportively contribute to the creation of knowledge.

- To coordinate actions and projects that benefit research, development and technological innovation.

- To act as an intermediary organization for the promotion of research, technology transfer and innovation, identifying the SME’s needs.

- To be a forum for reflection and discussion between public and private agents.

- To collaborate and cooperate with other local, national, and international organizations to achieve common goals.

- To act as an adviser and instrumental agent in the service of technological policies related to the development of Andalusian leather and leather works industry before public institutions.

- To promote the making and broadcasting of reports, issues, studies, and statistics.

- To plan training activities, technical sessions, and conferences in order to attract figures related to the industry.

The Foundation’s main goal is to boost, dynamize, and promote the leather industry of Andalusia through innovation and technological development.

- To be an instrument for the promotion of research, development, and technological innovation (R+D+i), as well as of technology transfer among the companies of the leather industry.

- To reinforce basic research as a fundamental element to effectively contribute to the creation of knowledge.

- To dynamize the Andalusian leather industry’s manufacturing network in order to strengthen local manufacturing systems.

- To promote the constant adaptation of the leather industry’s SMEs to the economic environment.

- To contribute to economic and business development; to support, boost, and facilitate the use of technology as a tool for innovation; and to improve competitiveness.

We can assist you
- Come and visit us or call us. We will be pleased to collaborate with you to develop your project.

Our Skills

R+D+i - 95%
Project management - 90%
Prototype design - 85%
Experiments with materials and textures - 75%

Be a Friend

Movex Friends was established in order to facilitate access to information, services, and resources of the Foundation to the enterprises, designers, artisans, and schools.


  • Guided tours to our facilities (Spanish-English)
  • Prototyping and samples
  • Production management
  • Assistance with material selection
  • Graphic design and programming
  • Strategies
  • Foreign trade services
  • Interpreters (English-French-Italian-Chinese)
  • Offices – Meeting rooms – Showrooms – IT rooms for rent

Advanced Services:

  • Cutting station
  • Cutting and laser engraving station
  • 12 colors industrial embroidery machine
  • Climate chamber (new finishing touches – quality certifications -
  • Washing machines, dyeing machines, and industrial dryers
  • Digital printer CMYK + White – Rigid materials and bobbins
  • 3D Scanner – HD geometry and textures
  • Professional photography set – Elinchrom 500 -


Meet Our Team

Javier Gallego
Javier GallegoGeneral manager
Responsible for the coordination and the transmission of information between the centre’s team and the governing body of the Foundation.
Pepa Moreno
Pepa MorenoAdministration
Invoices, budgets, accounting books, and numbers are all over my desk. Send me an email regarding any subject related to the economic-financial management of the Foundation.
Carlos Yarussi
Carlos YarussiClient development
If you want to get to know our technical staff, the available technologies and resources to develop your idea, I am the man for the job. Call me.
Francisco Vázquez
Francisco VázquezDirector of the Prototypes Lab
My mission is to get the leather craftsmen and new technologies to move to the rhythm of the fashion creatives and designers. Our best melody: innovation.
Francisco López
Francisco LópezPattern maker
My mission is to study the viability of your ideas, turning them into useful objects.
Félix Sánchez
Félix SánchezModel maker - Draftsman
Helping to give life to objects by turning every project into a challenge
Alejandro Orellana
Alejandro OrellanaOperations technician
As an Operations Technician, it is my duty is to contribute to all activities and services so that they can develop in the best conditions.
Francisco Rey Barceló
Francisco Rey BarcelóSystems
I am in charge of making sure that all technological operations and systems function in Movex as well as in your company.

Those who trust in Movex

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