1. Movex want to be instrument to promoted technological research, development and innovation (R+D+i) and improving knowledge transfer between leather companies. For improved access to research, development and innovation programs to these companies, as well as encourage the participation of R+D+i companies.

2. Strengthen basic research, as an essential element to help generate knowledge. Because it is a long-term basis for development and, on the other hand, to create a favorable environment to facilitate the incorporation of companies in the technological culture with the aim of increasing competitiveness.

3. Energize the Andalusian productive fabric of the leather and leather goods sector with the aim of strengthening local production systems in strategic geographical areas of the Andalusian community, for the promotion, development and promotion of productive activity.

4. Promote the permanent adaptation of SMEs in the leather and leather goods sector to the economic environment, both regarding its economic aspect as well as those of a technological and sociological nature, as well as encouraging creativity in design and quality in production.

5. Actively contribute to the economic and business development of the Andalusian leather and leather goods sector, supporting, promoting and facilitating the use of information to adapt to the changing demands of the market, which in turn implies information on new means of management, standardization of the product, quality standards or design.

6. To be a forum for reflection and debate between the public and private agents involved in the process in which the leather and leather goods sector of Andalusia is immersed. The Foundation is aware that commitment is needed to reconcile technology with the quality of life and work and to avoid new segmentations of the labor market and social relations. New technologies, due to their characteristics, must be for all, an opportunity that allows us to increase the welfare of our society, create more jobs and of higher quality.

7. Be an arbitrator and act with total objectivity, allowing knowledge and information to be available to small and medium-sized companies as a driver in the presentation of initiatives in knowledge management.

8. Collaborate and cooperate with regional, national and international organizations to achieve common objectives.

9. Act as an adviser and instrumental agent, at the service of the technological policy related to the development of the Andalusian leather and leather goods sector, before the Public Administrations.

10. Promote the realization and dissemination of reports, publications, studies and statistics, as well as opinions when required by the company, even of a prospective nature, in relation to the leather and leather goods sector.

11. Organize training activities, technical seminars and seminars for the training of the actors related to the sector.

12. How many other activities and interventions aimed at achieving those specific objectives that, in the opinion of the board, and in compliance with the purposes of the Foundation, are the most appropriate or convenient at all times.